Blog Moving

Hello, followers. I hope you’re having a lovely holiday season. I’ve experienced a good deal of personal growth since I began this blog–so much so, I think, that I’ve decided to refocus it and move it to a new location. Hindsight allows me to be more analytical and less visceral. Here’s the new location:




I started this journey with the idea that it would provide me with a way to vent my frustrations, but I’ve changed my mind about that. I’m going to redo this blog as a result. Too much of what I wrote a year ago still sounds quite “raw” to me. I believe a post hoc analysis of events as they unfolded will have a better chance of helping that one person–someone, somewhere–who finds themselves in a similar situation. I’ve done some things right, but I’ve also made some mistakes, and I’ll talk about those as well.

My divorce is still dragging, and I expect it to drag into next year.

So that’s really my goal now: to take the adversity I’ve experienced and roll it into something that contributes to the greater good. I know I’m not alone.

Returning from a Break

Merry Christmas, readers. I’ve taken some time off since just before Thanksgiving, and I think I’m ready to resume the story. I spent Thanksgiving in Michigan with my kids (without my wife), then nine days in December in Puerto Vallarta (with kids and wife). I’m tanned, but miserable. Can’t wait to have more time to put it all on the screen. No one – and I mean no one – deserves to be treated as badly as I have, under any circumstances. I saw somewhere that “surreal” has been chosen as the word of the year. That word describes this portion of my life perfectly. Stay tuned.